Dental & Facial Trauma

When soft tissue injuries such as lacerations occur in the mouth or on the face, they are typically repaired using sutures (stitches). In addition to our goal of the best cosmetic result, care is taken to make sure any functional problems of the mouth and teeth are addressed.

Fractures of the bones of the jaws and face are treated in a manner similar to the fractures in other parts of the body. Simple jaw fractures can be stabilized or splinted by wiring the jaws together. More severe fractures of the jaw require placement of small wires or bone plates to stabilize the bones. This allows you to return to normal function more quickly.

Injuries to the Teeth

Repair of displaced teeth using arch bar fixation.
Injuries to teeth are quite common and can usually be treated in our office, avoiding the inconvenience and cost of an emergency room visit. If teeth are displaced or loosened, they are carefully repositioned and stabilized with wires attached to adjacent teeth.

If a permanent tooth is avulsed (knocked out) it should immediately be rinsed off (gently, and without scrubbing) and placed in cold milk, or better yet, back into the socket – the sooner the better for the survival of the tooth. Call our office immediately for treatment. If injured teeth cannot be saved, dental implants are the best choice for replacement.

A high percentage of tooth injuries in sports can be prevented by the use of a properly fitted mouthguard. The boil-and-bite mouthguards available at sporting goods stores are better than nothing, but the custom fitted appliance from your dentist offers the best protection and better breathing during sports.