When Should Wisdom Teeth be Removed?

The ideal time for removal is at about age 16. When the roots of the teeth are still immature, surgical removal is rather simple and a young person is capable of optimal healing. Wisdom teeth can be removed as early as age 11-12.

Wisdom Teeth Development

Extraction after the teen years is frequently needed, but always results in a more difficult recuperation and higher complication rates.

Not all wisdom teeth problems are painful or visible, and there is risk to a “wait and see” approach to teeth that don’t hurt yet. As wisdom teeth grow their roots become longer, the bone becomes dense, and the teeth are more difficult to remove. Waiting until adult years results in a prolonged recovery and a higher chance of infection, sinus problems, or nerve injury in the jaw. Delayed treatment may also cause irreversible damage to the adjacent teeth.

It is best to have wisdom teeth evaluated at about age 16, even if there are no symptoms. With and exam and x-rays of the jaws, it is possible to determine if they should be removed. If you are older and encounter wisdom teeth trouble, then an immediate examination is best.

Problems Caused by Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure